Oklahoma House of Representatives Elects Speaker Jeff Hickman


The Oklahoma House of Representatives overwhelmingly elected state Rep. Jeff Hickman as Speaker of the House today.

Hickman immediately took office to lead the House in the Second Session of the 54th Legislature.

In his acceptance speech, Hickman said that under his watch, the House will remain committed to responsible and limited government and dedicated to becoming better stewards of the taxpayers’ money and infrastructure.

Gov. Fallin Delivers 2014 State of the State Address


Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin today delivered her 2014 State of the State address to a joint session of the Oklahoma Legislature. In it, Fallin outlined her legislative priorities and agenda for the coming year. The governor focused on job creation, reducing government spending and waste, improving school safety, supporting education, cutting taxes and standing up to federal intrusion and Obamacare.

Small Businesses Skeptical About Future; Optimism Dips


Small-business owner optimism did not “crash “ in September, but it did fall, dropping 0.20 from August’s (corrected) reading of 94.1 and landing at 93.9. The largest contributing factor to the dip was the significant increase in pessimism about future business conditions, although this was somewhat offset by a notable increase in number of small-business owners expecting higher sales. Overall, four Index components improved, four fell and two remained unchanged from August. While it is premature to measure the impact of the government shut-down on the small-business sector, it’s possible that the pending “crisis” impacted economic outlook. October’s reading will reveal the full effect of Washington’s latest crisis on the small-business sector, which has remained cautious throughout the recovery.

Oklahoma Department of Commerce Reveals Oklahoma NOW Recruitment Video

image via okcommerce.gov

“We have created a united state, built by an unwillingness to fail, connected by our abundant resources.” This first line sets the tone in the newly released Oklahoma NOW video the Oklahoma Department of Commerce revealed on Friday morning.

The video highlights the state’s business ecosystems and boasts the state’s national rankings and Oklahoma advantages for each industry. It was developed to encourage further investment in Oklahoma and bring about interest from in-state and out-of-state jobseekers in key areas of economic opportunity.