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Legislators: Potential Court ruling could overturn a decade of tax relief


A group of 35 state legislators released an open letter Thursday voicing concerns about the possibility that many tax relief measures passed in Oklahoma over the past decade could be overturned, should the state Supreme Court rule that tax reductions must meet the guidelines of State Question 640.

Small business plan to make capital expenditures, expect sales to increase


The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index crept back to its August level of 96.1 with a gain of 0.8 points led by a modest increase in the net percent of owners who plan to increase capital spending and more who expect higher sales in the next 3 months.

Op-ed: Small Business Saturday seeks to boost local retailers


Gallup did a survey this summer. It asked people how much confidence they had in various institutions.

According to the survey, only 7 percent of Americans said they trusted Congress a great deal or quite a lot, compared with 29 percent who trusted the presidency.

Small business, on the other hand, came in second, with 62 percent of those surveyed considering it trustworthy. The only organization to score higher, not surprisingly, was the military.

House Republicans Elect Caucus Leadership for 2015-16

The empty lobby of the Oklahoma House of Representatives

After maintaining a 72-29 majority in the Oklahoma House of Representatives earlier this week, the House Republican caucus selected leaders for the 55th Oklahoma Legislature.

House Speaker Jeffery W. Hickman will be the Speaker-elect for the upcoming session. Hickman is the seventh Republican speaker in state history and the sixth consecutive Republican speaker since the GOP took the majority in the House in 2004.